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April 20th, 2013- June 16th, 2013

Chartier An Arts Venue is pleased to announce our Opening Reception for featured artist Alan Neiders’ exhibition Painting + Drawing + Light Saturday, April 20th

from 7pm – 10pm.


The exhibition will also include Ashleigh Kay’s mixed media canvases Chromaphilia and photographer Gunievere Freccia’s radiograph series Almita, Cisplatin and Avastin.


Alan Neider




Throughout his career, Alan Neider has created two and three-dimensional objects; lamps, curtains, chairs, as well as non-objective forms, in

order to paint upon and into them.

The exhibition, Paintings + Drawings + Light, in utilizing a wide variety of materials and surfaces continues this exploration. 


PAINTING: The PORTRAIT series consists of nine, oil on fabric with wire, paintings. Neider was interested in turning pictures of beautiful, flawless models, found in fashion

magazines, into characters with real life flaws. The attached wire serves to add visual interest, break apart the two-dimensional space and reveal the previously painted layer.



DRAWING: The DRESS & RINGS series consists of six drawings utilizing charcoal, graphite, photographic images on sewn papers. This work continues his interest in the

fashion and glamour industry. By limiting his focus to accessories— handbags, jewelry, dresses—Neider questions and explores what these icons mean in our social



LIGHT: The group of work titled LightWorks, see alanneider.com, has been an ongoing pursuit for the past fifteen years. LightWorks consists of lamps, sconces, and

chandeliers.The Light pieces here are created from various gauges and colors of wire twisted into loops, hoops and circular configurations. Found colored glass containers

 are illuminated when bulbs are placed into them. Neider sees these works as drawing in three-dimensional space with wire.  The illuminated glass is seen as splashes

of color.





 Ashleigh Kay                                                                                  

















“The obvious thing to say is that colour speaks silently for itself in art, and that any attempt to speak on its behalf is bound to fail.”

-David Batchelor, (Chromophobia, 98)


Simply put, my newest work is about my obsessive love for color. The work shown is rather different for me than my usual abstract expressionist style of mark making,

but it felt right to jump into something new and play with patterning and layers in a way that challenged me to achieve the same kind of depth as I did with splashes

and drips. 


I find influence in pop culture in a rather broad sense, music first and foremost, as well as, movies, fashion, social media & literature. I feel it is only right to play up on the things that I find intriguing, a reflection on the contemporary, the here and now, the things that surround us. And while my interpretation of these influences may be more on the subtle side, such as diamond patterns to represent opulence, bubbly patterns to represent champagne and my own self made logo used repeatedly to represent narcissism, I find it leaves it more open to my audience for their own interpretation. I never want to tell my audience what to think or experience, ratherI like to guide them half way and leave them to make the own conclusions, and always leave them guessing.




Guinevere Freccia





Almita, Cisplatin and Avastin

In January 2011 my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. She went in for surgery immediately and has been undergoing continuous chemotherapy treatments ever since. My

mother’s illness has become a large part of my life over the last year. Last semester, I made still-life photographs of her belongings to represent her struggle with the disease.

This semester I decided to use radiographs (x-rays) as my medium because my mom is depending on them to make sure the tumor stays away. These pictures of flowers,

fruits and vegetables, representing new life and growth, symbolize the cancer diminishing in my mother’s body. This project represents the ultimate termination of her

chemo treatments and the hope that she will make a full recovery and will become strong and healthy. Almita, Cisplatin and Avastin will be accompanied by a stop


motion video made from x-rays.





Tyler J. Blodgett

Medium: Photography

Title: La Belle Series: La Belle Rose, La Belle Bleu, La Belle Fonce


Artist Statement:


Born and raised in the bucolic Hudson Valley, I was always surrounded by nature and it was in that stillness that I experienced my catharsis. Rapture wrought

from a quiet breeze, from shadows cast by the fleeting star, or the soft undulating dance of light reflected off the water’s surface. This emotional connection with

nature’s constantly evolving beauty is what I try to convey in my photography. The LaBelle series of 3 was created out of my fascination with water (in all its

states) and its ability to bend light. These were all original photographs of ice sculptures in Ottawa, Ontario during their Winterlude festival. I wanted to utilize the

symbiosis of the manmade and primal nature elements to create something unique and mystifying.

 955 Live Musical performance 5/25/at 8pm

955 weaves a web of sound  that is ambient, spacious and cinematic.

The  music performed is completely improvised. There is no discussion of ideas beforehand, no songwriting or pre-programming. The music is a scary ride on a flaming roller coaster that cools down in lush, deep, cool water.





current show running through 4/20





Kimberly Joy Sessa


At SVA she had the privilege of studying with Nancy Chunn, who was awarded the 2009 Guggenheim Fellowship and international
contemporary artist, John Jurayj. Over the past decade Kimberly has been working under her mentor, Enzo Russo. Russo, a student
of Surrealist legion, Giorgio de Chirco, has been a dynamic force in Kimberly's persistence and passion to create a unique voice
within her art work. Along with Russo, Kimberly acknowledges Jenny Saville, Shawn Barber and Williem de Kooning among her
greatest influences. Kimberly has been intensely working on a series of abused woman in society, relying heavily on news articles,
photographs, and personal experiences. These paintings portray individuals stuck in a moment of uncertainty which brings the
viewers to their own conclusions about what is happening within the confines of the canvas. These images are meant be haunting and
disturbing as they depict the darker side of society that nobody dares speak of. 




Carli Freeman

"Hailing from a small town in Connecticut, 22 year-old photographer Carli Freeman, now based in New Haven where she studies the
medium at Southern CT State University, creates a very honest and fascinatingly dark world for her subjects to reside in. With an
emphasis on black and white photography and raw sensibilities, Freeman marries words with her images, creating narrative series’
with plots and fictional aspects drawing on real life experiences.
For her latest series, Me Without You, Freeman draws on the feelings of loss and abandonment and the motions of recovery which
are emphasised by the simplicity of the black and white imagery and grainy exposure. Further to this series, Freeman’s work captures
moments in time, unique in their candidness and naturally beautiful elements while also placing importance on what is truly on her
subject’s minds."
-Excerpt from Portable.tv's article "Carli Freeman and ME WITHOUT YOU"




John "Jack" Petritus






Early December TBD

Gallery Launch

35 Elizabeth Street, Derby CT

An exhibition of several artists and video displays

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